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If you think you have a mold issue on your hands, Restoration 1 of Greater St. Louis offers mold inspection and remediation solutions throughout Greater St. Louis, resulting in happier, healthier families. Contact us for help today.
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The Best Mold Remediation in Greater St. Louis

We perform a thorough process that effectively cleans and removes mold growth while eliminating the original source of mold.
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Why Is Mold Remediation Important?

Completely eliminating the threat of unsafe living conditions due to mold in your home demands finding the source of excessive and unhealthy mold growth. Our knowledge and experience allow us to remove and replace parts of your home that have been damaged by mold. We work hard to restore your personal property and will target the mold’s origin.
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What Causes Mold?

Mold is a form of fungus growth that occurs on organic matter left in damp conditions. Moisture, warmth, and darkness create an ideal environment that allows mold to emerge, spread, and thrive when the problem remains hidden and goes untreated. Wood flooring, drywall, and furniture are all susceptible to mold growth and development.

Can You Completely Remove Mold?

Mold spores serve a natural role in breaking down organic matter. It can be very difficult to eliminate mold because it can appear anywhere oxygen and water is present, but there are some ways to proactively prevent unhealthy air quality from rising in your home.

How to Prevent Mold

Addressing sources of excess moisture and water leaks inside your home are easy ways to prevent the infestation of mold. Other methods of combating mold growth and development are enhancing ventilation, using a dehumidifier, and performing regular inspections of your roof. It’s the dark, small, and hidden spaces that present challenges.

HVAC Cleaning and Ventilation

Your air conditioning is a great defense against mold by deterring high levels of humidity in your home, but any moisture leaks in your duct system can lead to accelerated mold growth. Running your A/C unit while mold lurks within your HVAC system can easily spread mold spores to other areas of your home. Contact us for a routine inspection today.

What Is Black Mold?

Black mold is a dreadful and highly unsafe form of mold that raises many concerns among homeowners. Its presence requires immediate attention because it releases a toxic byproduct that poses harm to humans and pets, particularly to the health of infants and those with pre-existing conditions. Moisture is needed for black mold to grow and spread.

Mold Inspections

The best way to discover if mold is in your home is through an inspection performed by our experienced professionals. Our team is highly trained and certified to assess the extent of the problem and determine exactly why mold has emerged in the first place. If you think you have a mold issue lurking somewhere hidden inside your living space, we’re here to provide you with a custom-tailored plan for treating your home.

Why Choose Restoration 1 of Greater St. Louis?

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Restoration 1 did an excellent job of assisting me with my home repair after I had water damage just before the holidays! The crew were professional, quick, thorough, and went above and beyond in helping me get my home back to normal!
This is the second time I’ve used Restoration 1 to handle a water damage situation, and both times I’ve been hugely impressed with their customer service, attention to detail, and timely response. This company will treat you with respect and do great work.
I seriously could not be any more pleased with the level of service and timeliness of Restoration1. We were able to get our problem inspected, quoted, started, and safely finished all within 1.5 days! The team worked professionally and quickly to make our space safe again.
The Restoration 1 team was very professional and upfront about everything they were doing. Each day they were in our home, they gave us an update on our restoration and always asked if we had any questions. Highly recommend!
While gone on vacation, I had a massive leak in my home. The company came within hours to help rectify the situation. The entire team was extremely professional, fast working in finding the issue, and helped make a stressful situation, a lot less stressful.

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